How to upload pin to pinterest

How to Upload Pins to Pinterest

In Pinterest, the pins are the visual content that people save on their board. Here, in this article, I will share with you upload pins with an example so that you can understand easily how to upload pins to Pinterest and engage your followers. Here you can read more How to Promote Pins on Pinterest?

Does Design matter on Pinterest?

The most important things for Pinterest is Pin Design, the more attractive and well size of your pin the most will be it attracts people. You know that good designs and matching colors attract more visitors.

Mostly, people know, how to upload a pic to Pinterest but unfortunately, they have a lack of experience or knowledge to well design their pins. Long and Tall images performing well on Pinterest.

The minimum pin size recommended by Pinterest is 2:3 which makes 600×900 pixels in width and height. The maximum resolution of the pin images size is 1000×1500 of width and height.

The tall pins impact more than the average pin so therefore we recommend you to use it because it attracts more visitors than the average size pins.

However, for some business, the normal pins work but for the good resolution and clear message, we recommend the tall images so that you can deliver your message well to the visitors.

Pinterest also gives an amazing way to highlight your top pins on your profile cover. It’s an easy way that how you can make your pin on your cover. Simple, click on the pencil on the top right corner and choose your top board or pin from your profile. Here you can read what to Pin on Pinterest?

Click on the Pin sign in the right top corner
Click on the Pin sign in the right top corner

How to add context to Pins?

As you know that images are breadcrumbs that tell about the story so, you just need to add pins related to your niche either you work on design or fitness. Your pins tell about your business rather than something else.

Here, before adding pins, you can also do a little research according to your keywords and take an idea from your competitors. Type your keywords in the search of Pinterest and go for exploring your idea.

How to create a pin in Pinterest?

Pinterest is not only a social media platform. it also a bookmarking site too. Where you can add a link with your images. Some people asked me last time how to create a pain in Pinterest and add a link to them. read more how to market on Pinterest 2019?

Here you will learn step by step for creating a pin on Pinterest and adding a link to your pin. Let’s jump in the pool.

How to upload pins to Pinterest from Personal computer

1. Click on + button on the top right corner in your Pinterest account.

2.  Now click on ‘create add’ option.

3.  Drag an image and drop or choose an image from your computer.

4. Add a stunning and attractive title to your pin.

5. Fill the description with meaningful content with proper use of keywords.

6. In last, select a related board.

7 and hit the publish button.

How to Optimize Pinterest Pins?

Pinterest pins optimization is the most important for pins to reach in front of people. It all depend on how you can add properly your keywords and using hashtags accordingly.

First of all, add your keywords to the title of your pin and then add the keywords properly in the description of your pin. Also, add hashtags to your description so that increase the reach of your pins.

Tip for Pinterest pin optimization: Use always natural and easy language so that people understand what message you want to deliver through pins. Here you can read How To Get Pinterest Button?

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