How to add website to Pinterest

How to Add Website To Pinterest?

Although, Pinterest is used for a personal account. but, the brands and companies also use Pinterest for branding purposes. So for a business, Pinterest offers a business account that includes analytics and other necessary things for a business. A business account is an account that offers for business so that they could manage to increase their reach to the more targeted visitors. In this article, we will give you complete details step by step on how to Add the website to Pinterest.

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Everyone wants to add a website to Pinterest and make a business account so that they manage well structure their pins on the account. In the following steps, we will clear you how to add a website to a Pinterest account and convert it to a business account. If you follow the step by step process, you will complete how to add site to Pinterest?
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Here you you will add your website link in Pinterest

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How to Add website to Pinterest?

Here you will learn more, How to add your website to Pinterest. Adding your website URL to Pinterest will help your customers with more valuable content.

How to add website to Pinterest

1. Visit your Pinterest home page.

2. Click on the three dots on the top right corner.

3. Then click on upgrade to a business account.

4. Now Pick your language and country.

5. Add your business name and select the category.

6. Add your website link in the link section.

7. Then connect your account with Instagram, Etsy, and YouTube.

8. If you’re interested to run ads then click on the First option, if not then click on the second option. If you are not sure then click on the third option.

9. Choose your desired topics that describe your business.

10.  Finally, if you want a browser button then click on ‘Get it now’ if not then skip it.

Focus On Graphics

Now you learned how to add website link Pinterest, In last you will lead to pin page where you can see how to create a pin on Pinterest.  After the successful creation of pin and board, you will lead to your home page where you can see the pins of others.

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How do I add affiliate links to Pinterest?

How to Add Affiliate link to Pinterest

1. Open your Pinterest Account
2. Click on your User Name
3. Then Click on + Sing button
4. Now choose the “Create Pin” in the options.
5. Add a Stunning Title to your Pin.
6. Add best description with proper keywords.
7. Now Put Affiliate link in the destination link.
This way you can add your Affiliate link to your Pinterest account.

Does Amazon allow affiliate links on Pinterest?

Yes, Pinterest allow you Affiliate links into it Pins. You can add Affiliate links to your Pinterest account and you can start earning online easily. The more you create pins and adds Affiliate Links to your Pins the more you have to chance to visible to more people.

Can I earn money from Pinterest?

Yes its possible to make money on pinterest. Its easy and most activate platform to make money with Pinterest. What are you passionate about? If people are spending money in an area you love, you can make money. Add you Affiliate links in your Pins and start making money easily as much as you want.

Does Amazon allow affiliate links on Pinterest?

Yes. You can use your affiliate links on Pinterest but not associate accounts links on Pinterest. Pinterest is one of the best and active platform for the Affiliates to promote your product make money easily.

How do you change the source link on Pinterest?

Unfortunately, Pinterest does not allow to change any source link on Pins. You can check it by self. Just visit your pins and click on pin sign (editable option) and you will see you can only make changes in Title of your pins and description. In simple word you can’t change your source link on Pins.

Can you pin from Amazon?

Yes, you can pin directly from Amazon but you can’t inset link. So therefore you will need first to copy your link and the create pin and insert your link destination link area.

How do I post a link on Pinterest?

1) Login to Pinterest
2) Click on your User Name
3) Click on Plus Sign
4) Create Pin
5) Put all data in the respective field.
6) Add your link in the destination field.
In this way you can easily put your link in pin on Pinterest. This is the answer to how to add a link to pinterest image?

Can I post affiliate links on Pinterest?

Yes, You can post affiliate links on Pinterest as much as you want. Back in 2015 Pinterest was ban Affiliate links but then in May 2016 they allowed to put and promote your Affiliate Products on Pinterest. This is the answer, can I post affiliate links on Pinterest?

How can I make money from Pinterest?

Yes, you can make money with Pinterest but wait a mint. First you will need any sorts of Affiliate account. Either you can make money when you have affiliate account on Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, Max-bounty, CPA Leads or any other network. You have just need to copy your Affiliate link and past it here in Pinterest in your Pin. This way you can make money on Pinterest.

Can you do affiliate marketing on Pinterest?

Yes, You can do Affiliate Marketing on Pinterst and Make money easily on Daily basis with your Affiliate Links. Follow the step bellow.
1) Make a Pinterest Account
2) Login to your Pinterest Account
3) Click on your User Name
4) Click on + Sign Button
5) Choose the Create Pin option
6) Put title in the Title section
7) Add description in the Description field
8) Add Affiliate Link in the Destination field.
In this way you can create your Pinterest Pin and can put your Affiliate link in your pin and can post it easily on Pinterest. This way you can promote affiliate links on pinterest

How do I delete a Pin?

How do I delete a Pin?

You can easily delete your pin Pinterest.
1) open your account.
2) Click on the Pin which you want to delete.
3) Now click on the pin (Editable)
4)In left below you will see the delete option.
5) Click on the delete and delete your pin.

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