how to make pinterest board private after it's created

How to make your Pinterest account private?

When Pinterest launched, it was an open social sharing site and there was no privacy. With the passage of time, Pinterest users knock the door of Pinterest for privacy and then Pinterest decides to give a solution to, How to Make Pinterest Account Private? To solve this problem Pinterest gives some options to users for privacy. In the following topics, you will learn more about how to make a Pinterest account private bellow.
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How to Hide Pinterest account from Search Engines?

Search Engines like Google, Yahoo may index and show your account in their search engine results page but you can limit your account access to the search engines by hiding your boards and profile in the setting option. Following the following step to hide your account.

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How to Make Pinterest Account Private?

How to Make Pinterest Account Private?
How to Make Pinterest Account Private?

1. Click on the top corner on three dots.

2. Now click on the setting option.

3. Then click on the privacy and data option.

4. In the search privacy option tick on the box.

5. In last, click on the done button.

This way you will get to prevent access to the search engines. Search Engines will be unable to show your profile and data on the search engines. For extra privacy, you can change your profile pictures, name or make your board’s secrets.
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How to private your pins from other People

It’s unable to hide your personal account on Pinterest but you can make your boards private and you can see your pins only later. Your secret private board will be limit until you invite someone on that board.

Secret boards and pins will not be shown on your Pinterest feed or anywhere else. Here read more about how to post your own pictures on Pinterest?

How to make board secret?

1. Click on your profile.

2. Then click on your boards.

3. Now click on the Pin sign on your board you want to make it secret.

4. Now choose a secret from the toggle options.

5. Finally, save your board.

Now you will be access to that board until you invite to that board. In this way, you can make your Pinterest account private so that no one can access your private pins and you can see it later.

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How to hide Pinterest activity?

How to hide pinterest activity? to hid your Pinterest activity you must need to make your Pins and board to be secret. Unless your activity will be secret untill you don’t invite people on your hide board and pin.
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How to make Pinterest board private after created

how to make pinterest board private after created? follow the bellow step to hide your boards on Pinterst.
1) Go to your Pinterst account.
2) Click on your username.
3) Now click on board option.
4) After that click on the Pin sign on bard.
5) Now click on the tick befor Visibility option.
This way you will be able to make Pinterst board private after created.

can others see what you search on Pinterest?

can others see what you search on pinterest? No, no person can see you what you are searching on Pinterest. Except what you share publically. I means you pins that you share publically.

How to hide pins on Pinterest?

The ultimiate way to hide your pin is to create a secret board on your Pinterest account and then create pins in that board. Your pins will only be seen by you.
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How to unlock a board on Pinterest?

How to unlock a board on pinterest? Open your account and goto your boards on your profile. After that click on the Pin Sign(editable). When you clicked on the Pin sign, you will lead to another window where you will unchick the toggle infront of visibility option. this way you will unlock a board on Pinterest.

How do i block someone from seeing my pinterest

The easiyest way how do i block someone from seeing my pinterest. Visit to the Person profile and click on the 3 dots on their profile beside the follow button. When you click on the 3 dots, you will lead to 2 option share and block. Click on the block. This way you will be able to blcok someone form seeing your Pinterest.

Can you look at someone’s Pinterest without them knowing?

Yes you can look at someone’s Pinterst without knowing them. If he didn’t hide their profile or make secretes his/ her profile.

Can your followers see your secret board on Pinterest?

No, your followers can’t see your secret board on Pinterest till you are not allowing to someone to your secretboards. When you create secret board, no one can see your board until you are not invite people to your board.

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