Why my Pinterest website blocked and how can I fix it | Complete Guide

Why my Pinterest website blocked and how can I fix it?

Why my Pinterest website blocked and how can I fix it? It has been observed with Pinterest users that their account is closed without warning.

If you are one of them, And if you want to know the reason I was blocked or can avoid being blocked in the future, then read this article in full.

 Let us first know what Pinterest spam block is:

If the same action is repeated more than once on a Pinterest account, it can permanently or permanently block Pinterest. And you can’t even object to that.

 This blocking can be of two types, one of which is known as rate limit block. It can also be called Pinterest spam block. This type of blocking is temporary because of some of your spam. Yes, you can avoid it by following different security guidelines. At the same time, there is another permanent suspension after which you cannot recover your account in any case. There may be various reasons for which the Pinterest website is blocked.

Why my Pinterest website blocked will cover the following things:

  • Why Pinterest blocked my website?
  • Why Pinterest blocked links?
  • Where to suspend on Pinterest and how to avoid them?
  • What are the copyright issues of Pinterest, and how to resolve them?
  • How does the Pinterest algorithm detect suspicious activities?

Why Pinterest Account Block and Suspended?

You have to keep in mind many points because the security of Pinterest is so high alert that they close your account without warning you. 

No human being here closes your account, but according to this algorithm.

 It means that if you do not follow the Pinterest community guidelines, the Pinterest website blocked automatically. 

Even if you have millions of traffic, they do it without warning you. In this case, recovering all your traffic is also a difficult task.

You will have to send a support mail and wait for their response. 

Despite all this, there is no guarantee that your account will return to you.

 If you also want to know why the Pinterest website blocked and how to avoid blocking a Pinterest website, this article is beneficial.

 This article doesn’t need to be for the people whose account has been blocked, but it is for them whose Pinterest account is working correctly because these are just a few of the points that, if ignored, could lead to many problems in the future.  To learn about Pinterest Widget On iPhone

You can also read the detailed Pinterest guidelines in this regard.

 Let me mention a few points here.

  • Pinterest isn’t a place for disinformation. Pinterest specifies in its guidelines that it automatically blocks misinformation or mal-information. 
  • If any hateful content is uploaded on Pinterest, even without warning, the Pinterest website blocked. You can say that Pinterest is not a place for such nasty activities. 
  • One of the essential points you should keep in mind is related to harassment and criticism.
  • Being on Pinterest, you can’t confuse any group. You can’t share content that causes someone to degrade.

Upload 15-20 pins daily:

Come to the vital question of how many pins to upload in a day. 

You can upload a maximum of 30 pins in a day. If you are following a good Pinterest strategy, I will suggest you upload a maximum of 20 pins a day. 

Of course, now you want to know why I am saying this, the answer is that when uploading more than 20 pins, the Pinterest algorithm starts to consider it spam. 

This point is mainly for people who are new to Pinterest. They need to protect themselves from any activity that could cause them to count spam and have their Pinterest website blocked.

Schedule Your Pin at a Different Time: 

If you don’t want Pinterest to block your account, schedule your pins upload time. It means that the 20 pins you want to upload should not be 20 pins in 20 minutes.

 No, not at all!!! 

You don’t have to do this. If you want to upload 20 pins in a day, do it. 

Manage your time accordingly, even if 15 minutes gap is enough to upload from one pin to another. 

Upload your pin by entering time and date on Pinterest 

And please rest for 15 minutes from one pin to the other.

Don’t uses follow or unfollow strategy:

 Pinterest is a platform that is enough to give organic traffic.

Facebook and Instagram no longer give organic traffic because these platforms have expanded a lot. 


Pinterest is not such a big platform, yet organic traffic can quickly obtain here, so there is no need to follow or unfollow Instagram.

 If you follow too many people, then your account may be suspended. 

So, take care

 If you focus on your niche, keep your content the best, traffic will come automatically. You can also do this practically and see that the traffic also comes to the account created two days ago.

Don’t use link shortener: 

Why Pinterest blocked links?

Do not use any short link; try to include only the link of your original website.

 Pinterest provides you with many analytical tools. Use them.

 Short links can also be an essential reason for account suspension on Pinterest. 


Avoid using any software. 

Don’t use duplicate content: 

Don’t upload the same pin or content on Pinterest in one day. 

By uploading duplicate content, your chances of being suspended are significantly increased.

 To avoid this type of suspension, when you upload a pin, shift it to another folder. Doing so will also prevent you from uploading this pin repeatedly.

 Uploading the same pin to the same board can block you without any warning from the Pinterest algorithm.

 Change your text content and website: 

Why Pinterest blocked my website? 

 Pinterest blocked my website? What should I do now?

Create 3-4 content and keep 2-3 landing pages.

 The advantage of doing this is that you will have different content when blocked on one website, at least the rest of the websites and content. Be present. I guess you must have been very upset when you saw why Pinterest blocked my website. 

But don’t panic. 

Your other website will fix it.

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