how to open Pinterest Account ? - Quick Note

How to open Pinterest Account?

How to open Pinterest Account? This question is raised in the mind of every person that is fond of social media, ideas, images, or a business owner. They want to join Pinterest and explore Pinterest for their profile or business to brand their business or self-promotion then This article is written for the solution of, how to open my Pinterest account?

So stay tuned for the answer to the question, How to open a new Pinterest Account? We already were given an answer to this question in this article, How to make Pinterest account? but you will learn in detail and step by step, how to open a new Pinterest account?

Signup Pinterest Account

To open Pinterest account you have to sign up in Pinterest. Neither you can sign up with your email but you can sign in with your Facebook or continue with google. As you can see below in the following screenshot.

How to make Pinterest account private
How to make Pinterest account private

However, If you want to sign up with your email address then you will need to need and following the following things.
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Pinterest Sign up with Email Address

Sign up is a way to How to Open Pinterest Account? for this follow the steps bellow.

  1. Create an email in Gmail, Yahoo, or in your favorite webmail Server.
  2. Then open Pinterest.
    When you open this you will lead to this page bellow.

3. Fill the email, Password, and age.
4. After That click on continue Button.

When you clicked on the Continue button. Your account on Pinterest will be open with this action.
After that, you will need to fill and all the required information in your Pinterest Account. Like, Profile Photo, Bio, and other necessary information.

Either way, This was the process to sign up Pinterest or How to open Pinterest account.

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