How to post on Pinterest

How to Post on Pinterest in 2021?

How to Post on Pinterest in 2021? This is a hot topic nowadays. Pinterest is a well-known and growing social media site. Millions of people joining Pinterest every year and hundreds of millions of active visitors using it every month. Mostly, people use Pinterest for personal purposes, but also brands use it for business developments. Here you can read how to use Pinterest for Business?

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Before, we discuss in detail, how to post on Pinterest in 2021 on your personal or Business account. Let’s discuss some important things that are necessary for Posting on Pinterest.

First of all you will need a stunning image that reflect the purpose of your posting. The image should be clear and focused on the goals.

Second important thing is, Stunning title. You know 80 percent conversion bring by a stunning title. If your title do not reflect your graphics then you cant achieve your goal. So be focus on Title after graphics its will help and improve your conversion rate in sense of click sale and others. The most impotent, Always use your keywords in the title so that your pin should rank on Pinterest.

Third thing is, to put description up to 500 characters with use of the keywords. Keyword will help you rank your pin on Pinterest search engine.

Last thing is put your website link in your Pin so, whenever some one click on the Pin that could be lead you to your landing page.

Lets come to the point, how to post on Pinterst? After the completion of of the above steps, I means image, title, and description then then you can post easily on Pinterst. So follow the following steps to post on Pinterst.

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How to Post on Pinterest

Post on Pinterest

1. Click on the plus sign button on the top right corner

2. Choose the create pine option.

3. Upload or drag and drop an image from your computer.

4.  Add a title with keywords.

5. Fill the description area with content and use keywords and hashtags.

6. Select your board.

7. Hit the publish option.

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Create Pin on Board

how to post on Pinterest app 2021?

how to post on Pinterest app 2021? the same process is repeating for mobile users. Either its iPhone or Android user. Just go to the top right corner and click on the plus button. After that click on the Pin and your lead, you to another window called Pin. Where you have to upload the image from your phone, then fill the title and add a description. Chose board where you want to publish the post. After that click on the Publish button. This way you can post on Pinterest App in 2021.

Following the above steps, you can easily post on the Pinterest account. Pinterest is so easy to use but one thing you have to care about optimization of your pins and boards. Use keywords and Hashtags related and proper. This is a complete guide about How to post on Pinterest in 2021?

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