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Save Pins with Pinterest Safari Extension | Complete Guide

What is Pinterest and how to install safari extensions Pinterest on Safari browser? Safari Pinterest Button is a button used to pin an image idea from any website to your Pinterest Account directly. “Pin it” with browser extension is the most common and fast way to save any pin on your boards. Some people use chrome and other use Firefox and all they need to save pins easily and fast way. So for that purpose, Pinterest gives them of pin it browser button. Here, you learn about Save Pins with Pinterest Safari Extension.

why to add safari browser extension
why to add safari browser extension

As you know that Safari is a famous browser for Apply laptop users. They use it mostly and some people also use it on window too. They also need a fast way to save pins with Pinterest Safari Extension. So for that purpose, Pinterest helps them to add Pinterest button to Safari. Add Pinterest to Safari is an easy method but some people face problems for Safari after version 11 to add Pinterest to Safari Browser.

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Add the Pinterest button to Safari for the lower version than 11. So it means versions after 11 will face problem to save pins with Pinterest Safari Extension. You can check it on the Pinterest official blog too.

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Install With Safari
Install With Safari

Let’s come to the point of how to Add Pinterest Button to Safari?

To install the Pinterest Safari extension in Safari, follow the following steps to Pinterest Safari Add On.

  1. Login to your Pinterest Account on Safari
  2. Then go to About section in the Menu
  3. Once page load, you will find Goodies section
  4. Scroll down to the footer, you will find Pin it button Section

You will need to install the bookmarklet

Install Bookmarklet
Install Bookmarklet
  1. Click on the “View” Button
  2. Then Choose Show Bookmarks
  3. Now drag the Pin it button to Bookmarks Bar
  4. After that, you can rename ‘Pin it” button in Safari
  5. last, you can pin images from any website to save it on your board.

Neither you can add pin it button to Safari but you can get Pinterest extension chrome, Pinterest button firefox, Pinterest Button Internet Explorer and many others.

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How do I add the Pin It button to Safari?

safari pin it button

How do I add the Pinterest button to Safari on Mac? is a question mostly asked by Safari browser users. Follow the following steps.
1) Open your Safari Browser
2) Click on this link Safari Pinterest Button
3) Scroll down to install button.
4) Install the Pinterest Safari Extension.
5) And Start pin images on your Safari Pin it button.
This is the solution to “How to add pin it button to saffari on Mac?”.
Trouble with Pinterest browser button?

How do I open Pinterest in Safari?

Although there is no issues for opening Pinterest in browsers but some people faceing Safari Browser. The issue might be with Plugins, extensions, or Cookies. Follow the following steps how do I open Pinterest in Safari?
1. Open Safari Browser
2) Click on Safari in the Menu bar
3) Now click on the Preferences
4) Then select the Privicy option
5) Click on Remove all website data

If this doesnt work then follow the steps again for Why does Pinterest not work on Safari?

1) Click on the Safari
2) Select Preferences
3) Now click on the Extensions tab
4) Turn it off
this is the solution how do I fix Pinterest on Safari?

How do I pin to Pinterest from Safari?

Sign in to your Pinterest account and the click on your profile link on top right. After that click on the + button profile and click on Create pin option.
1.  Drag an image and drop or choose an image from your computer.
2. Add a stunning and attractive title to your pin.
3. Fill the description with meaningful content with proper use of keywords.
4. In last, select a related board.
5. and hit the publish button.

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