Save Pins with Pinterest Safari Extension | Complete Guide

To understand how to save pins with safari extension, let us know what safari extension is? How to use Pinterest to promote your blog?

Safari extensions can use to customize what the browser is doing. The characterizing highlight of a work area class browser is extensions, which permit adjusting the direction of the program. Safari, similar to the iOS renditions of Chrome and Firefox, needs support for extensions, while the macOS adaptation supports them.

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 For example, with the help of extensions, you can block the contents of websites, it helps to display social media, its new buttons can present with the support. It gives access to the features of many other apps and also helps in many different tasks. The Mac app store is the easiest and most secure way to discover and save all kinds of extensions.

Let us now learn how to get a safari extension. 

  • First, choose Safari from the Safari app on your Mac.
  • Then click on safari extensions.
  • Browse any extensions available.
  • Find and click on the extension you are looking for that.
  • The price will appear on it.
  • Click the button again to install or purchase the extension

Let us now learn how to save Pinterest with the help of the Safari extension.

 If you want to save any Pin on board, then the easiest, fastest, and most commonly used extension is Pin it with the browser extension.

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Every human being tries to save pins on the Pinterest board in the most natural way. Someone uses chrome or firefox. To make their job easier, Pinterest has discovered a button called pin its browser button.

why to add safari browser extension
Pinterest Safari Extension

For what reason to include Pinterest Safari Extension:    

Safari is a significant browser for laptop users, but it can also use on windows. Pinterest extension safari is an advantageous and easy way to save pins۔pinterest provides its users with a Pinterest safari button that allows its users to keep their pins easily.

To save pins from Pinterest safari extension, you need to install the “Pin It” button.

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What is the Pinterest “Pin It” button?

Pinterest pin it button is a button that allows you to improve the image sharing experience of all social networks. users can easily install it on their web browser. It only takes a few seconds to install۔If you are installing it on the safari browser, then it starts appearing on Bookmarks Bar after installation.

The Pin It button is a bookmarklet, or a little bit of JavaScript code, making a single tick bookmarking capacity. Once it installed, click the save button from the bookmark of the safari browser. Content runs that let you naturally “pin.”

The Pinterest button intends to let you bookmark pictures you find and like on the web when you visit different sites. Click the save button. It also copies the URL or address of the image when you click back on Pinterest.

how to add pinterest button
How to add Pinterest button?

How to install the “Pin It” button:

The browser button can easily install on browsers like chrome, firefox, internet explorer, and Safari.

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To install the Pinterest Plugin:

1: First, go to the Pinterest browser button webpage.

2: Click “Get our browser button” on the right side of the page. Doing so will show you instructions according to your browser. Follow them (For example, you are using a chrome browser. Click the “Add extension” button. It will refresh the chrome page once installed. If you are on a Firefox browser, click “Allow,” which will appear on the top left. Then click Install.) For Safari, you will see an arrow on the right side called download arrow. Click it. Then double click on the setup file when prompted and click on Install.

3: In most cases, the browser button will appear on the top right side of the browser window. This button will be red with P written in white. Locate this Pinterest browser button

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install with safari
Install with Safari

How to use the “Pin It” button:

  • Explore that site whose images you need to pin. For example, you may play out a Google search for a topic on your personal preference. (You Can’t pin images from many social media like Facebook)
  • There should be a Pinterest browser button on the top right of the browser window. Click it. Clicking this will summon a page with compatible content. Wait for some seconds.
  • The save image button will appear on the left top corner of the photo. Click it. 
  • Clicking it will ask you to select board
  • If you do not log in to Pinterest, the window will prompt you to log in.
  • Click on any board that you need to save.
  • The next time you open a Pinterest account, the images can save there.

How to install the “Pin It” toolbar Plugin:

Pinterest extension safari is a straightforward tool. Images from any web page can easily pin to your Pinterest board by installing the Pinterest Safari extension. It can also update other social media networks.

If you link Facebook, twitter to your Pinterest account, you can easily share the images with your friends and follower. To install Pinterest “pin it” plugin toolbar, first login with your Pinterest account.

Go to the about section. And click the page that appears on the right. Once the new page loads, go to the Goodies section on the left. Then scroll down until you find the “Pin It” button section.

How to install Bookmarklet for Safari browser:

install bookmarklet
Install the bookmarklet

Follow the three steps below to install Bookmarklet for the safari browser.

  1. To install a bookmarklet on your safari browser, first, click View Select show bookmarks.
  2. Pick up the “Pin It” button and drag it to the bookmarks bar “pin it” will appear as default. You can also rename it
  3. Now you can pin any image from any website in a few seconds.

Neither you can add pin it button to Safari but you can get Pinterest extension chrome, Pinterest button firefox, Pinterest Button Internet Explorer, and many others.

Last, we welcome your suggestion, question, or any other query you can ask in the comment section.

How do I add the Pin It button to Safari?

safari pin it button

How do I add the Pinterest button to Safari on Mac? is a question mostly asked by Safari browser users. Follow the following steps.
1) Open your Safari Browser
2) Click on this link Safari Pinterest Button
3) Scroll down to the install button.
4) Install the Pinterest Safari Extension.
5) And Start pin images on your Safari Pin it button.
This is the solution to “How to add pin it button to safari on Mac?”.
Trouble with Pinterest browser button?

How do I open Pinterest in Safari?

Although there are no issues with opening Pinterest in browsers but some people facing Safari Browser. The issue might be with Plugins, extensions, or Cookies. Follow the following steps how do I open Pinterest in Safari?
1. Open Safari Browser
2) Click on Safari in the Menu bar
3) Now click on the Preferences
4) Then select the Privacy option
5) Click on Remove all website data

If this doesn’t work then follow the steps again for Why does Pinterest not work on Safari?

1) Click on the Safari
2) Select Preferences
3) Now click on the Extensions tab
4) Turn it off
this is the solution how do I fix Pinterest on Safari?

How do I pin to Pinterest from Safari?

Sign in to your Pinterest account and click on your profile link on the top right. After that click on the + button profile and click on Create pin option.
1.  Drag an image and drop or choose an image from your computer.
2. Add a stunning and attractive title to your pin.
3. Fill the description with meaningful content with the proper use of keywords.
4. In last, select a related board.
5. and hit the publish button.

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