How to Get Pinterest Audience Insights ? Better to read now

How to Get Pinterest Audience Insights:

Want to know how to get Pinterest audience insights?

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 After successfully creating a profile on Pinterest, the next task is to increase your visitors to the profile. If you somehow manage to find out what kind of Pinterest users are searching for your profile, you can increase traffic to your profile. This Pinterest audience insight plays a significant role in this regard. This article will also help to understand how to get Pinterest analytics, and what is Pinterest audience demographics?

If you are also looking for the same question to find out how to get Pinterest audience insights, this article will surely help you. Every Pinterest user tries to find out who is looking at their Pinterest pins. For this, Pinterest has discovered a new feature known as Pinterest analytics. In this article, you will read about this feature in detail. And you will learn how to use this feature as a Pinterest marketing strategist.

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Now the question arises what a Pinterest audience insight is?

Pinterest Audience insights:

Audience insights, this new feature of Pinterest is working for English speaking countries. It allows Pinterest users to easily create, modify, and recycle content on their business accounts. All of this is made possible by Pinterest’s analytics. With the help of these insights, you can easily understand your audience and their interests. After reviewing your data, you can achieve your targeted goals.

These insights are obtained with the help of a taste graph, and it reflects the minds of Pinterest users.

How to get Pinterest audience insights? Pinterest audience insights are found in the Pinterest analytics section on the Pinterest platform. So first, it is essential to know how to get Pinterest analytics?

How to see Pinterest analytics:

Where is Pinterest analytics, and how to get it? None tells the user what their followers see on their profile. Which content is becoming more popular on their profile? That way, they can’t develop a strategy to promote their pins. Pinterest analytics is a tool that helps pins analytics.

Let’s look at how to get Pinterest analytics so that business people can better understand their accounts and user. Best of all, Pinterest Analytics is free for all business accounts. It’s as if the Pinterest business accounts themselves are free.


Where is Pinterest analytics?

 If you have your account, you need to make some changes to convert it into a business account. It is a quick and easy task. Users need to add some additional information to get started.

If you are already running a business account, log in from there, and now open the analytics section. Here you will see three groups of user statistics.

  1. Your profile
  2. People who are reaching out to you
  3. Website URL

 Open the 2nd option; it shows the Pinterest audience demographics who reach your profile from here. The data displayed here is for Pinterest users who are visiting your PINs from the Pinterest app. The first view will be of people who are engaged with your pins who like and comment etc. It tells the business what activities their audience likes on Pinterest. You can change the date range of Pinterest audience demographics.

To get the Pinterest analytics Tab, “people you reach” Hold on. Here, the option of interests will be shown at the top. Choose it. Remember, from here; you cannot change the date range. The Interest tab shows two sections. The first is interests, while the second is called boards section.

Here are two sections of interest tab:

  • Interests, showing which categories your followers are appealing to get it. It is the same as the menu category. There are a total of 17 categories. Initially, it shows a total of 12 categories, but if you want to see the rest, click on show more.
  • The second section shows the name of the board. It may or may not be useful. Pinterest users can name the board whatever they want. Some people use SEO phrases. Has useful information in none

With the help of these two sections, you can easily guess what your audience is interested in getting. For example, if you want to sell a sweater, you can use Pinterest audience demographics to guess which country people are coming to your profile. But if you want to know about tech, then the interests section will be helpful. Here you can create your Pinterest strategy with the help of these two sections.

Pinterest audience insights have a total of 2 groups that divide the audience into two categories.

  • Followers of the account
  • All Pinterest users

 The followers of the account are again divided into two subgroups engage followers and all followers. These analytics tell you which content is more exciting and how many people are showing engagement on it. Pinterest audience insight also tells you which followers are not engaged in your content to change your marketing strategy.

Now we come to the questions about how to get Pinterest audience insights and how to access it?

How to get Pinterest audience insights:

The audience is a treasure trove of insight information. Pinterest analytics lets you view data. Also, new data shows you more Pinterest audience demographies, including paid advertising campaigns. Insights admins can understand people’s interests and categories.

How to access it?

Pinterest audience insights can only be accessed from a web browser.

  • First, log in with your chrome, firefox, or safari browser.
  • Drop down on the top left to find the analytics menu and open it.
  • Now you can open audience insight.

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