How to use Pinterest for Shopify store

How to use Pinterest for Shopify store:

The ultimate guides on How to use Pinterest for Shopify store? The social media platform is the best way to get your eCommerce brand to the people in a very effective way. How much does it cost to advertise on Pinterest?

There is no denying that Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc. play an essential role in the marketing budget. This is why many online stores plan marketing strategies using one or more of these social media platforms. How to Identify Pinterest Advertisements?

Pinterest is also a social media platform used in marketing strategies for stores like Shopify.

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This social media platform is slowly gaining traffic and is now in the top 5 social media platforms. The Pinterest platform is exceeding up to 335 million active users. Facebook is still on the first number, with 2.5 billion users. Pinterest marketing strategies is growing day by day among eCommerce brand marketers. What Important for Pinterest social media marketing:

How does Pinterest marketing work for Shopify?

Can you connect your Shopify and Pinterest, and how can you use the Shopify Pinterest app? I will answer all these questions in this article. So, stay tuned with me. First, we learn about Shopify and the reason for its popularity. How to use Pinterest to promote your blog?

What Is Shopify store And Why Is It So Popular? Shopify is an ecommerce platform used for building online retail businesses. Many businesses are moving to the world of hosted ecommerce platforms, and Shopify provides them one of the best media.  How to use Pinterest for Shopify store:

 Shopify has been opted by many entrepreneurs and startups worldwide to expand or migrate their businesses to the web. Let’s check the reason for its popularity when there are so many other options available? Well, you need to read further to get the answer. Let’s look at Shopify’s features, which make it one of the most desired eCommerce platforms. The ultimate Pinterest analytics guide?

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Reason For popularity:

  • It’s affordable.
  • It lets you create attractive stores. 
  • Don’t worry about web hosting.
  • They provide commendable technical support.
  • It’s secure.

Benefits of selling on Pinterest with Shopify:

Pinterest is about four times more effective at generating sales than other social media networks. If you are doing e-commerce or drop shipping business for a while now, most marketers would recommend Facebook ads, but nowadays, for Facebook ads, it’s too much competition there. So Facebook ads became too expensive, especially for beginners in the business.  How to add affiliate links to Pinterest?

And if you compare Pinterest and Instagram, you will see that every Pinterest pin is clickable and connected to your Shopify store or directly to the product pins Shopify. Just this fact makes Pinterest for Shopify so much more potent as a traffic source compared to Instagram; here, you can have a maximum of one link to the store in your bio. Now I tell you another reason why you should be on Pinterest is because of the half-life of being it’s so much longer than average post duration on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

The ultimate Pinterest analytics guideHow to Get Pinterest Audience Insights:
How you can auto-publish pins from your RSS feed?How to change cover photo on Pinterest board?

For instance, if you get traffic from your post on these platforms, it will last for a few hours or a full one day; Pinterest can bring you traffic for many months. And for some beans, even for years, Pinterest tends to revive old viral pins; this applies to seasonal products.

Pinterest is the second-largest social media platform that leads to the most traffic to any online store. Your Shopify Pinterest app will be the cause of most generating traffic sources. Of course, Facebook is number one, but I recommend you to change your social strategy. I think you should use the Shopify Pinterest app to make Pinterest Shopify integration easier. It is because Pinterest is all about bringing businesses of all sizes and enthusiastic users to your platform. At the same time, Facebook hides organic posts and asks to pay ad space to show them. Pinterest offers a high order value.

How to verify Your Shopify store Pinterest:

Pinterest for Shopify store
Pinterest for Shopify store

I get a lot of questions related to Shopify and Pinterest. Yes, you can ask. And it would help if you verified your Shopify store on Pinterest. And it’s straightforward Pinterest work together to make this Pinterest Shopify integration seamless on the user side. To verify your domain on Pinterest, you will need to follow these simple steps provided by an official Shopify site, which helps you to verify your store on any third party, which may include Pinterest and Google webmaster tools.

  • You will go back to your settings over here, and you will get a claim tab there. 
  • From here, you will put some and will plead a claim.
  • You need to select add HTML tag, and it will show you a meta tag, which you have to paste into your head section of the site.
  • Now let’s go back to the info which is provided by Pinterest on Shopify help center. 
  • So the first step you have to do is go to Shopify admin, and from there, your go-to online store, and then choose themes, the option themes.
  • You will find the theme here.
  • You have to add it and then click actions.
  • Choose added code.
  • And then, in the layout section, you have to click the theme—liquid fie in Shopify to open the file in the online code editor. The thing you have to do is that you need to copy them.
  • Meta-tags showing on your Pinterest account and based it on a blank line directly below the opening had a tag. And then you need to click save.

Make sure you are not going to delete anything, even not accidentally. Because if you save these changes with the things you erased accidentally, things would be getting more complicated, so it will be tough to fix it. Your store will be verified within 24 hours by Pinterest, probably even faster. So you will be able to use rich pins in our case, we’re talking about e-commerce sites.

So it’s product bins. Shopify Pinterest app made this integration easy on the smalls on the user side; Shopify is not the only platform to make product bins available.

How to sell on Pinterest with Shopify:

After the announcement of Pinterest buyable pins, a new opportunity has come for Pinterest, a business holder that has created a brand new market. The best selling method through Pinterest Shopify is the Pinterest Shopify app. Shopping ads, online store links, and Pinterest launches topped the list. Read the article to know how to sell from Shopify on Pinterest.

How can you sell on Pinterest with the Shopify Pinterest app?

 Both Shopify and Pinterest profiles will require in this action. Therefore, you have to create a Shopify account. You’ll be able to study Shopify from our perspective. Here you will find a free trial to check out whether you need this platform before paying for love or money.

As for Pinterest, I recommend you to make a Business Account. It’s free of cost, and you’ll be able to link it to your Shopify account if needed. Additionally, the Pinterest Business Account integrates seamlessly with Shopify. It allows you to configure payment history options and advertising settings for automatically generating Pinterest ads Shopify from your store to visit on Pinterest.

Once you have created both accounts, log into your Shopify account. Move to the dashboard of your Shopify account. You have to locate the Sales Channels header, which you will find on the left menu. It shows you an inventory of all sales channels activates on your website. for example, you’ll see media like Online Stores such as Amazon or Facebook. Our main objective is to feature Pinterest on its list.

After the announcement of Pinterest buyable pins, a new opportunity has come for Pinterest business holders, which have created a brand new market. The best selling method through Pinterest Shopify is the Pinterest Shopify app. Shopping ads, online store links, and Pinterest launches topped the list. Please read the article to know how to sell from Shopify on Pinterest.

I think you should check the Pinterest infographic because it tells you about Pinterest for Shopify store. It also gives you guidance on Pinterest custom areas and how you can grow your Pinterest for Shopify business.

How to generate sales on Shopify and Pinterest?

Here are some steps to create sales on Pinterest. But Before discussing it, we have to knowledge about the requirements for Shopify. Let us discuss it first. Title, description, image, price, product type, and availability must be required for your product page.

How to connect Shopify to Pinterest?

Pinterest is a great social media platform to promote products for e-commerce sites such as Shopify. Pinterest is a great social media platform to use if you have an e-commerce store because it’s visual, especially if your audience is female since that’s primarily their demographic change in this video. We will show you how you can easily connect Shopify and Pinterest so that your products show up on Pinterest, and people can purchase straight from there. So stay tuned.

Click the + button above the sales channel; your Shopify will show a list of Pinterest sales channels that you can add to your store. These will include Facebook, messenger, and google. You can add whatever you want but select Pinterest on Shopify.

Search Pinterest by scrolling down and click the + button. Now it will appear on the screen that you are going to link Pinterest to Shopify. You are now able to check all privacy and information. For example, you can learn how Pinterest accesses products and analytics from your Shopify store. I try to be able to connect Shopify to Pinterest process yourself.

Click on the Add sales channel button to go further. Pinterest sales channel has been added to your Shopify dashboard. Now it’s time to link Pinterest to Shopify and specify the products that need to be sold. We will prefer professional account Shopify Pinterest ads instead of personal account Pinterest Shopify ads in the Pinterest Shopify app. 

Click on the connect account button. It will take you to the Pinterest app and ask you for Shopify and Pinterest authenticity. This connection to Shopify Pinterest integration allows you to manage Shopify Pinterest product pins and Shopify Pinterest ads every time without permission. Click the access button to proceed. The next page will show you that your Pinterest account is connected to Shopify.

Ad settings:

You can automatically generate a few accounts under the Ad Settings area. If not, make sure you are following the guidelines provided to you to make these accounts. The first account will be Pinterest Ad Account, which is automatically creating ads, and pins rely on your Shopify products. A Pinterest Tag can automatically generate to get insights from your ad campaigns. It behaves like Facebook ads created by your Pinterest and Shopify accounts.

Billing method and accepting terms and conditions on Pinterest:

After generating sales on Pinterest, you can also connect billing. The Ad billing option will appear. Click it. The billing method will be stored on Pinterest, which can be used for Shopify. If you create an integration ad, Shopify will use the billing information on Pinterest. There is no need to worry because the ad budget will first get approval from you whether you are in the mode of putting a mess on the advertisement or not.

Now we come to our second point, which is related to terms and conditions. So we have to accept them. Try to read these terms and conditions carefully to avoid trouble in the future.

Publishing and manage availability:

As we move on to Pinterest, the publishing and manage availability options will appear. With the help of this option, it is clear which product is complete before Pinterest’s publications. If any product pin title, description image, pricing, product type, or availability is missing, then Pinterest will not synchronize it. “Availabilty” means that the product to be sold is active or not. If you want to see which product is available that you are going to sell on the Pinterest sales channel, please click on manage availability.


If you want to view the list of products available on Shopify, click on the product option. You can also click one by one product from here and also take advantage of the filter option. The filter will be essential for the sales channel. Availablity will appear on the top right. Click it. Click on available on Pinterest from here. By doing this, all the products of the Pinterest sales channel will appear on the list.

One thing to keep in mind here is that coming to the products sales channel list does not mean that they will be published automatically. It means that they will be published because it is now possible to put ads on them.


90% of weekly users visit the Pinterest site to make purchasing decisions. It may include immediate purchases or planning for purchases. 55% of users log into Pinterest, specifically to find products because Pinterest is full of ideas. That’s more than half of the entire user base. And 50% of Pinterest buy something after seeing a promoted pin, meaning a Pinterest ad. Here you will also learn about Pinterest ads Shopify. This article will show you how to use Shopify Pinterest product pins for Shopify Pinterest ads. 

How to see stats on Shopify dashboard:

If you want to see sales on the Pinterest store and how many products people are pinning, follow these steps:

  • Go to Shopify admin on your Pinterest app Shopify.
  • Click the order button Select the filter from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Pinterest and select a sales channel.
  • Click yes, add the filter.
  • Select the order number of the order analytics you want to view. On the order page, you will see all your sales flagged. Comprehensive stats can also be viewed on Pinterest with pins and pinners.

How to Make the Most of Pinterest Buyable Pins Shopify Feature:

Pinterest has added a new feature that most businesses need is called Buyable Pins. It permits firms such as Shopify to sell instantly on one of the most popular social platforms today. Many Pinterest users already use this social network as a shopping list for future purchases. In this way, your potential customers can click on a pin. They can buy the item they wish. So, how can you get in on this Pinterest buyable pins Shopify feature?

Right now, Pinterest Buyable Pins Shopify is available on Pinterest. Here are Big-box retailers, and a handful of eCommerce sites such as Etsy, Shopify, and woo-commerce can use them. For some businesses, though, there is a waiting list to join. But Once you are approved, you will be good to go.

One way around that waiting list is to be a Pinterest Shopify app retailer. You can easily connect Shopify to Pinterest. If you power your online store through Pinterest for Shopify, then you can add the Pinterest feature right away.

For mobile and iPad., Buyable pins are available through the Pinterest App. Here are new price filters also available. Buyable pins are available in blue outline. The traditional buy button features to look for with the Pinterest App in an impressive way. Promoting the Pinterest App for your website or business is another excellent way to increase sales as well.

Here are 6 points that will motivate you to create your buyable pins for your Shopify store.

1. It is cost-effective for your business.            

 2. It is just fun and causes job growth within your business.

 3. You can help the e-commerce market.

 4. You can create your themes and sell themes.

 5. It causes to Gain mobile business.

 6. It gives Access to retail and e-commerce experts.

It is expected that our e-commerce industry will act as skyrocket in the next few years. Every step taken to increase access to internet niches will benefit your business.

Rich Content

How to configure Pinterest ad from your Shopify Pinterest catalog:

If you want to utilize the Pinterest sales channel to generate ads from your Shopify Pinterest catalog, follow these steps:

  • In your Shopify account, go to Marketing.
  • Move forward to Pinterest Standard Ads.
  • You can write here an activity name to launch your business campaign.
  • Now select a product from your Shopify store which you want to advertise.
  • You can choose your budget, and if you don’t like any part of the ad, you can edit it.
  • Once it completes, you can publish the ad from Shopify. Make sure that your payment details are already configured, and you have checked Pinterest stats after publication to see whether it’s running.

Let’s take an overview of the Pinterest and Shopify Pinterest app. Install the Pinterest Shopify app to rapidly transfer your product catalog and Pins for things you sell. Track execution with the Pinterest Tag and stay up with the latest with our every day programmed refreshes. It enhances organic reach. Whenever you’ve transferred your list, individuals on Pinterest can undoubtedly find, spare, and purchase items from your site with no publicizing spending from you.

Pinterest is a visual platform use to discover motivation for their lives and make it simpler to search for home ideas themes, design and style, hardware, and that’s just the beginning. Three hundred million individuals have spared more than 240 billion Pins over a scope of interests, which others with comparative tastes can find through pursuit and suggestions.

It can take as long as 48 hours for the Shopify Pinterest catalog the first run through Ads credit offer just accessible for new sponsors to Pinterest.

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