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How to use Pinterest for Etsy?

How to use Pinterest for Etsy

It has been observed that people search on different browsers for the question of how to use Pinterest for Etsy?

Pinterest and Etsy together are like a needle, and a thread or hammer with nailed it. People know Pinterest as a search engine, while others believe it is a social media platform. Whatever the name, you have to think that it is growing very fast. People are using this platform, especially for Pinterest business.

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In this article, you will learn how to promote Etsy on Pinterest to maintain constant traffic. And you will learn how to connect Etsy to Pinterest. People usually ask this question in this manner that how to link my Etsy shop to Pinterest. Pinterest marketing is the simplest way for Etsy sellers to promote their business.

 In short, we can say that Pinterest is the best and most effective marketing place for Etsy sellers.

 If you want to know how to use Pinterest for Etsy, this article will benefit you. Before discussing to use Pinterest for Etsy, Let’s take a look at how to promote Etsy on Pinterest?

How to promote your Etsy shop on Pinterest?

How to promote etsy shop on pinterest? If you want to promote your Etsy shop on Pinterest, you need to follow the following points.

Create a Pinterest business account:

Because people on Pinterest are mostly craft creators, artists, or collectors, they are more of a businessman than individuals. For this, Etsy sellers have to open a business account. There are many benefits to opening a Pinterest business account for Etsy sellers as their business name grows. So to sell on Pinterest with Etsy, you must first create your business account.

Your main goal should be to earn sales:

As you know, business always demands competition. So Pinterest business is also a race between competitors to increase followers, repins, and likes. Increasing followers means that your Etsy sellers are succeeding in growing their sales. Here I am sharing a tip with you, create your identity on Pinterest that is compatible with your Etsy brand. It is a great way to attract users from all over the world.

Community demands your participation:

Like other social media platforms, Pinterest demands attention. The Pinterest platform is creating an entire community. Whenever a seller comes to sell on Pinterest with Etsy, he has to contribute genuinely. You have to make sure that you don’t just pin your items but start with the post items consistent with the board. For example, if your service is baby clothing, then post the pins of education, child care nursery furniture, etc. Follow others and keep track of what they’re pinning. For this, you will see the Pinterest button on every product page on Etsy. You can use it. Further, in this article, you will learn how to connect Etsy to Pinterest, but first, we know about Pinterest vs Etsy.

Pinterest vs Etsy:

Etsy is an online market place where people sell vintage items, crafts, handmade goods, etc. It connects the buyer with the sellers. Before selling anything on Etsy, you have to create your account. Pinterest is a search engine where people come to get ideas and inspiration.

Etsy shop can be linked to a Pinterest business account. If you want to know how to link Pinterest to Etsy, this article will guide you. Now I want to share the technique on how to link my Etsy shop to Pinterest.

How to link Pinterest to Etsy?

If you are looking for that How to connect Pinterest to Etsy, Please link your Pinterest business account to Etsy.

  1. Go to Pinterest
  2. Click on settings
  3. Click on the claim button; it will add your name and profile image to pins from your Etsy shop

These are three steps we use to solve query that how to link Etsy to Pinterest

How to use Pinterest for Etsy sales:

Now, we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. How to advertise Etsy on Pinterest?If you want to use Pinterest for Etsy sales, you have to keep in mind these points.

Pinterest profile optimization:

 You have millions of followers on Pinterest, but if your brand is not clear to them, you can’t convince them to click on your images that are related to your Etsy product. It is because they come there to see cookies like your recipes. But for a product click on Etsy, you have to make a clear policy. If you are looking for the answer of how to advertise Etsy on Pinterest Then optimizing your Pinterest profile comes first. Follow these steps for Pinterest profile optimization.

  • Create a business account and put your face profile.
  • Change Pinterest name to brand name and use at least two keywords.
  • Link your website to the homepage of the Etsy shop.
  • Write a concise bio and write about your business in the description box.
  • Use keywords properly.
  • Create a board that benefits your audience

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Create the best pins:

There must be many reasons for the lack of an audience on Pinterest, but it is necessary to bring more traffic to sell Etsy products. You must pay attention to this: You cannot share content that has already been shared by businesses. I share with you some ideas from which you can create related pins.

  • blogposts
  • behind the scenes
  • shop feedback

If your designs are not creative on Pinterest, then traffic can never be high. If you want to increase traffic, keep these points in mind:\

  • use dimensions of 600px X 1250px or 600px X 900px
  • use of an interesting title that people get stolen.
  • Always Share high-quality photo pins.

Make a solid pinning strategy:

When pins and boards are set, is there any guarantee that you have pinned all the content without spam? Pinning strategy can be of two types.

  1. Manual pinning: In this pinning method, a spreadsheet is made in the boards are placed on a track to determine which pin will be pinned. Some people prefer this method, but it is a time consuming and complicated way of pinning.
  2. Tailwind: This is Pinterest’s best scheduling tool that lets you schedule a full day plan when your audience is more active.

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