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The ultimate Pinterest Ecommerce strategy to grow your business:

Pinterest Ecommerce strategy is different from other social networks. In this article, you will learn how to use Pinterest to drive extra visitors to your site from just a few hours of work- how to use Pinterest for eCommerce.

Pinterest launched in 2010; it was where women browse and pin the latest fashion ideas to decor, and new planning trends. Almost 80% are women among Pinterest users. No doubt, Pinterest has smaller users than other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc., but at this time, Pinterest is best for e-commerce rather than others. It is the second-largest source of growing social media traffic to Shopify stores.

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Over time, the platform’s grown up and evolved, so features and capabilities also grow up. On Pinterest, Women still come to take new ideas, but it is becoming a popular place for ecommerce businesses. You may use it to interact with users and can generate more sales for your Businesses. There is a massive opportunity for master Pinterest users to increase traffic to their site and sales.

Benefits of using Pinterest for Ecommerce business:

To create a fantastic brand, you have to do everything which you need to grow your customers. You have to make a strong Pinterest ecommerce strategy to build a nurture lifetime customer.

  • An effective Pinterest Ecommerce strategy engages potential customers on your site.
  • By making a strong Pinterest strategy, you may target relevant audiences.
  • You can Increases product visibility to your Pinterest followers by creating an ultimate Pinterest Ecommerce strategy.
  • An ultimate Pinterest Ecommerce strategy enhances referral traffic also.  
  • You can build your business by making a Pinterest strategy for eCommerce.
  • If you want to receive direct feedback from your Pinterest clients on your products, you have to make a useful Pinterest e-commerce strategy.
  • Provide more content to your Pinterest users; it will increase product visibility-referral traffic-loyalty to your site.

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Why people use Pinterest for Ecommerce:

If you are searching for an attractive opportunity to sell your products, Pinterest for ecommerce is the best choice. The average sales for an order are 50$, which is much higher than any other platform with a marketplace. Also, 250 million active monthly users use Pinterest to save Pins.

So, the fact is that 93% of Pinterest users use this platform to plan their purchases. And in this way, it is the best opportunity for growing your revenue. Once found, he will pin the image to the board to use back to later. The users might visit the retailer’s page to find out any special offer such as a discount, size availability, and styles present in stock, and many more.

Almost 87% of users bought a product just because of Pinterest. So, This pinning and browsing strategy is essential to users who are thinking about their customer journey. Before purchasing any product, users can compare similar products from different websites without losing pin products.

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The definitive Pinterest strategy for Ecommerce:

How to use Pinterest for ecommerce? The shopping experience at Pinterest is much simple than other social media platforms. Let me explain with an example. If any user is looking for joggers’ ideas, he will do a quick search on it, and scrolling will be able to find what he comes to view.

If you want to upgrade your Pinterest Ecommerce strategy to compete with other retailers having the same of your niche, it’s time to figure out how to use Pinterest for e-commerce?

 Here are some ideas using Pinterest for ecommerce to make it easier for your targeted audience and ultimately grow your Ecommerce business. You need a careful strategy, you’ll find here in this post.

By following this strategy, you may be able to increase your exposure to a large number of audiences that you weren’t able to find otherwise.

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Add pin button to your product pages:

 Customers can learn more about your products as they spend time on your website. As customers come to your site and click through your product pages, invite them to follow you on Pinterest. In this way, they can share your products with their followers and networks.

Simply you have to Add Pin buttons to show on all of your product images. As customers come to your site and click on the link, they will automatically be prompted to Pinterest where you have shared your products. Now they can save and share the products they found useful.

The benefit of this strategy is that you may increase your exposure to a large number of audiences that they weren’t able to find you otherwise.

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Use widgets on WordPress:

If you are using WordPress hosted online store, to all of your product pages you may use widgets to add a Pin button automatically

Using a Pinterest business account, you can use analytics to see which products get the most traffic on your Pinterest page. Then simply, you can share Promoted Pins on your page in which these products are involved. This Pinterest Ecommerce strategy will help you to boost your sales on your website. Almost 50% of users convince to purchase products after seeing such Promoted Pins.

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Tricks to keep in mind while creating a Pinterest account:

First of all, you have to create a business Pinterest account. If you are already using a Pinterest account, you may skip this step. Use the right keywords in your title and descriptions.

While you’re creating your Pinterest business account, there’re some tricks you must have to keep in your mind:

 For your profile picture, Always Use a high-quality photo of yourself as it is the first impression on your visitors. If you use your image, it will build more trust in your visitors. So, try to use your picture instead of a logo. It will make an easy way to get into Group Boards.

As the majority of Pinterest users are women so, try to share pins related to women mostly.

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Rich pins for Ecommerce:

Rich Pins have detailed information such as price, availability of products, and the store name to increase client engagement and drive customers to your site. Why should you use Rich Pins for Pinterest e-commerce strategy?

If you provide all the detailed information to your customers, Rich Pins are perfect for ecommerce because it will help to send more traffic to your site and also increase sales. Target Rich Pins are capable of increasing traffic from Pinterest by 70%. When someone reduces the product’s price, Rich pins update it, and those people pinned will receive a notification regarding this. It means you will get new traffic and sales to your site.

 Pinterest and Rich Pins are both free to use. Rich Pins help improve user’s engagement on Pinterest. The majority of Pinterest users spend almost half of their time thinking about buying the household products, so; they browse linked sites and cause them to spend more time on your website.

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“Shop the look Pins” While using Pinterest for ecommerce:

Pinterest is offering many features for business owners. Using rich pins, you can only pin your products, but you can use Shop-the-Look-pins to tag your products. What are “Shop the Look pins”? Shop the Look pin is a new Pinterest feature that allows businesses to tag product pages within a Pin. It is also helping pinners to find products easier inside home decor pins that are all over Pinterest. It helps pinners take the inspiration on Pinterest and bring it to their life using the products. You may use shop the look pins as new Pinterest ecommerce strategy to increase yout followers.

On Pinterest, 98% of users buy products, but they might leave the site. Shop the Look pins feature makes them capable of staying to see a product they like. In this way, without leaving the place, they can buy products.

There are white dots on Shop the Look pins that tell about different parts of the Pin. Whenever pinner taps on the dots, they will able to shop the products in the Pin. If you want to create Shop the Look pins for your business, before applying, you have to make sure that you have a Pinterest business account, enabling rich pins. You have also kept in mind to be a US-based content creator; you be eligible for this new feature.

Once you set up all and approved and enabled by Pinterest for Shop the Look pins, you’ll see a tag icon on Pins. It will link back to the website claimed by you. By just clicking on the tag icon, you can start tagging to your products from the requested website. It’s straightforward to use!

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Pinnable images:

Pinterest feature images are very more full than their length, so it doesn’t look so cool. The best Pinterest ratio for a picture is 2:3. And a minimum width for pin image is 600 pixels.

Pinterest is usually used as a visual platform. So you have to keep this Pinterest ecommerce strategy in your mind surely. Pin description does not matter a lot as images do. So, People click image captures their most attention, not the text you type in the pin description. So if you want a successful Pinterest campaign, you have to create the most attractive images. You may use Canva pro in this regard.

Canva has many features such as already made templates on just clicking that one of them named as “Pinterest Graphic,” you can start best designing for your image.

Newbies don’t even know how to use Canva. Canva has many premade designs and layouts to make things even easier for those types of people who know nothing also about design.

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Categorize the different type of content while:

As you know, Pinterest is a visual search engine that motivates discovering new content and information. Also, you understand there is a vast number of visual content on Pinterest to scroll, so; you have to make a strong Pinterest Ecommerce strategy about how you will share your visuals to grab more audience. One approach to do this is to vary the type of content you share.

For example, a user who comes to your Pinterest account and might start looking for ideas on shoes for the new year, and customers want to explore more from different researches. So you have to add various images according to customer’s needs. If you provide them unique photos, it will surely be a better chance to grab the user’s attention when they differ from the images around them.

Marketers also believe that Visual content is essential for client maintenance. Images are visual content and provide a better understanding of those who don’t want to waste their time reading your post. It also reduces all the confusion for readers who are avoiding reading your post. Visual content is a communication skill in itself; Visual content is the best source of communication. Research says that understanding any topic through visual content is 60000 times faster than any other communication skill.

You have to do something different than the competition to get more leads and more sales so, you have to categorize the type of content separate from others. This Pinterest ecommerce strategy will be beneficial for marketers.

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Add more pins and boards to engage your followers:

To succeed on Pinterest, you have to first attract your followers by making the ultimate Pinterest Ecommerce strategy, and then you have to keep them engaged.

Here I am giving you the advice to explore your products, kindly categorize your images on different boards. Try to create separate boards for different niches of products add pictures from your website too. Make some creativity to increase your followers. See the statistics of these boards daily. Make sure your profile is well-organized and easy to explore.

If your followers are facing any problem, ask them to type in the comments section. Try to answer them and to solve their query. In this way, you can proactively engage your followers. Try to send a brief thank you message if you’re any follower pin or repin your post. It builds an impression on them, and they revisit your profile.

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