How much does it advertise on Pinterest cost?

Pinterest is an excellent opportunity to expand business reach. But the question that arises here is: how much does it advertise on Pinterest cost?

In this article, you will learn in detail the Pinterest ads cost and how to advertise on Pinterest. If you want to know details about Pinterest ad specs and Pinterest advertising strategy, read it carefully.

When Pinterest launched, it was just a place to find ideas and inspiration. But these days, Users use this platform to grow their business. The Pinterest platform is providing different tools to its users in this regard. This platform is providing innovative ways of advertisement tools to engage with these customers.

The new Lens feature is one of the features that allow their users to find anything which they want to search with a quick snap. Within a few seconds and a few clicks, they can Search it and add the product to their shopping cart.

Pinterest advertising strategy and Pinterest ads cost make you able to do this. But how much does Pinterest advertise cost, and what is the best Pinterest advertising strategy? If you want to know Pinterest’s campaign budget, keep reading it to get all the answers.

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How much does it advertise on Pinterest cost?

When someone starts a new advertising campaign, it’s essential to know how much does it advertise on Pinterest cost. The campaign goal is a necessary factor for your Pinterest price campaign.  

There are three main goals for Pinterest ads mentioned here as boosting engagement, Building awareness, and driving traffic. Driving traffic is the most important among them. Pinterest ads Cost is different for each goal. Let us understand the average cost of these methods one by one:

How much does it advertise on Pinterest’s cost for brand awareness?

For 1000 impressions, Building brand awareness advertises on Pinterest cost is $2.0-5.0.

How much does it advertise on Pinterest cost For Boosting engagement?

For Boosting engagement advertise on Pinterest cost is $.10 – $1.5 per engagement

How much does it advertise on Pinterest cost Driving web traffic?

Driving web traffic to advertise on Pinterest cost is $0.10 – $1.50 per engagement

Let’s understand different Pinterest advertising goals deeply.

Pinterest ads cost for Building awareness:

Companies make a Pinterest advertising strategy to build their brand awareness among people. The primary purpose of this awareness is to share your business qualities and ideas in front of those who aren’t familiar with it.

For the brand awareness focused Pinterest advertising strategy, you have to use the CPM pay scale. For every 1000 impressions, you have to pay. These Impressions are not clicks but are how many people look at your pin.

So, how much does it advertise on Pinterest cost?

For 1000 impressions, the Pinterest ads cost is typically around 2.00-5.00 dollars. The minimum bid for this action is only $2. If you want to gain brand exposure and build up your brand recognition, you may benefit from this Pinterest advertisement strategy.

Pinterest ads Cost For Boosting engagement:

In this type of Pinterest advertisement strategy, you may encourage your audience to interact with your pins. Clicking and repining also included in this type of Pinterest advertisement strategy.

CPE model runs this type of ad, which means you have to pay Pinterest ads Cost when someone interacts with your ad. For building brand recognition, and to interact with your content, These type of ads is useful.

If you’re searching how much does it advertise on Pinterest cost, for every engagement, the Pinterest ad cost is typically around 10 cents to $1.50.

Pinterest ads Cost for driving web traffic:

This advertising goal is used for the intention of driving web traffic. When someone clicks on Pinterest ads and gets access to your site, you have to pay for it only. But for engagement, you don’t have to pay.

CPC holds this type of Pinterest advertising strategy. This model is also similar to PPC. When someone clicks on your link on a pin, you have to pay some amount for this action.

For small and midsized businesses can use this type of Pinterest advertisement strategy. You have to pay around 10 cents to $1.50 per click for advertising on Pinterest cost. The minimum bid for this campaign is 10 cents only.

Let’s get started to find these answers:

How to advertise on Pinterest:

Pinterest is just a kind of inspiration. It is a discovery platform, and almost all types of searches are unbranded here. That means Pinners are allowed to new ideas and products. Pinterest is more useful for the content brand, and it’s claimed by almost 73% of pinners.

Here you “ll find Pinterest ads Cost and a useful guide on how to advertise on Pinterest. Also, we’ve assembled the Pinterest advertisement strategy that will help you in your new brand campaign.

Follow these steps to find the answer to this question on how to advertise on Pinterest.

1.   Create a Pinterest business account:

First of all, you have to create a new Pinterest business account to advertise on Pinterest. You may convert your existing PINTEREST account into the Pinterest business account.

2.   Pinterest tag

Now you have to install the Pinterest Tag. If you want to track people’s actions on your site, you may add a promoted tag. Promoted Tag makes you able to track the activities on your website, including sign-ups, searches, and checkouts.

3.   Campaign objectives

If your campaign objectives are not clear, you can’t even achieve your goals. Choose your campaign goal at It will determine Pinterest ad spec and how you manage Pinterest ads Cost. You must have to keep in mind these four objectives.

  • Pay per click, send pinners, and get traffic to your website.
  • To build brand awareness, You get charged per 1,000 impressions.
  • Increase installs for your app. You may promote app downloads on Pinterest.
  • Autoplay videos are ideal for promotion, so Build awareness through video views. You pay per 1,000 impressions.

4.   Spend limit

You have to keep in mind this Pinterest advertising strategy, especially. Now you have to choose your spend limit, so set a campaign name and budget for it. If you want to create a carousel ad campaign, you have to enable this option. It will only work if you choose brand awareness as your campaign objective.

5.   Pinterest ad group:

Create a new ad group, or you may choose a pre-existing ad group. For your Promoted Pins, you may use this group as a container. The Pinterest ads cost for each group is different.

Ad groups help you to manage multiple goals within a single campaign.

6.   Goals for the targeted audience:

You have to set parameters for your targeted audience where you want to reach; Set goals for your targeted audience. You may target an audience based on gender, device, language, and location. If your Pinterest ads cost campaign objectives are awareness and traffic, to avoid low click volume, you have to use a broad targeting Pinterest advertising strategy.

7.   Select ad placement

Now you have to select ad placement. Browse and Search appearance, there are two primary avenues, but if your budget allows you, go with all default placements. Search result placement performs much better with keyword targeting. At the same time, Browse placements end up in the related pins.

8.   Add interests and keywords.

In this step, you have Add interests and keywords. You may target by adding interest and keywords, and this setting will automatically target relevant searches and interests. Use almost 25 keywords to improve reach, click-through rates. You may add negative keywords to exclude search terms from triggering ads.

9.   Set your budget and schedule

In this step, you have to set your budget and schedule as well. For your Pinterest ad campaign, kindly enters the start and end date; After this, set your daily or lifetime budget. For your ad group sets your daily spending limit. The lifetime budget is a combination of your start and end date.

10.   Set your target CPM rate.

Set your target CPM rate. For your Pinterest ads, Start by placing a maximum bid. The minimum bid must be above $2.

11.  Pacing options for the Pinterest ad campaign

Standard and accelerated are two types of pacing options for the Pinterest ad campaign. Accelerated pacing is best for faster delivery and faster results as it is better for high impact campaigns. At the same time, standard pacing may align your bid with your overall spend and campaign duration.

12.  Add promoted pins:

 Pick your Promoted Pins to add to your ad group.

13.  Performance analytics:

Keep maintenance to monitor campaign performance. You have to click on Analytics from the Ads Manager dashboard. In this way, you may be able to measure the daily performance of your campaign.

Pinterest ad specs:

┬áPinterest also provides a set of ad specs, just like any other social media platform. Neither, Pinterest is a platform having strong roots in aesthetics, so it’s necessary to create beautiful and high-quality ads on it.

If you want high sales, you must have to follow Pinterest ad specs. In this article, we’ll cover the different kinds of Pinterest ads, sizes, a specific Pinterest ad specs.

Before discussing Pinterest ad specs, let us understand the different types of Pinterest ads. The platform allows you to quickly find a Pinterest ad specs format that perfectly fits all your products.

Types of Pinterest ad specs format:

  1. Promoted Pins
  2. Promoted Video Pins
  3. Promoted Carousels
  4. Promoted App Pins

Each Pinterest ad specs format has its benefits. Keep reading to dive into specific Pinterest ad specs.

You may choose several content formats on Pinterest, from standard Pins to multi-image Carousels. May be you Use this Pinterest ad spec guide for image dimensions, file sizes, and character limits. You will find here both Pinterest and specs and guidelines for organic Pins.

Standard Pin:

These Pinterest ad specs apply to both organic Pins and Promoted Pins.

For Images:

  • PNG or JPEG File type (2:3 aspect ratio, 1000 x 1500 pixels)
  • 32 MB Maximum file size
  • The title must contain Up to 100 characters, and the Description must be Up to 500 characters. But, the first 50 or 60 characters will show up in audience feeds, so try to write the most crucial info first.

Video at standard width:

These Pinterest ad specs apply to both live video and Promoted Video.

  • .mp4, .mov or .m4v is file Shorter than 1:2 , taller than 1.91:1
  • Encoding H.264 or H.265
  • Up to 2GB Max file size
  • Minimum 4 seconds and a maximum of 15 minutes is Video length
  • The title must contain Up to 100 characters, and the Description must contain Up to 500 characters. On the other hand, the first 50-60 characters show up in people’s feeds, so try to write it in a good way.

Video at Max width:

  • .mp4, .mov or .m4v file type(square (1:1) or widescreen (16:9))
  • H.264 or H.265 Encoding
  • 2GB or less Max files size
  • Minimum 4 seconds and a maximum 15 minutes Video length
  • The title must contain Up to 100 characters, and the Description must go Up to 500 characters. However, the first 50 or 60 characters will show up in people’s feeds, so try to write it in the best way.

How to Promoted app pins:

Promoted app pins use the same Pinterest ad specs as Standard pins.

Tips on Promoted Carousels:

  • 2-5 images per Carousel image count
  • PNG or JPEG file type (1:1 or 2:3 Aspect ratio)
  • 32 MB per image Max file size
  • The title must contain Up to 100 characters, and the Description must contain Up to 500 characters. Moreover, the first 30-35 characters will show in people’s feeds, so try to make it more impressive.

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