How to upload pictures to Pinterest

How to upload pictures to Pinterest

Pinterest is a social bookmarking site where people pin pictures and videos on the boards. Boards are created to well managed the pins. Although, it’s an easy way to upload pictures to Pinterest. Unfortunately, some people face difficulties in this process.

In this article, we will cover how to upload photos to Pinterest in an easy way. There are two methods to post something on Pinterest. First, one is saving someone else pins or save pin from a website. The second method, how to upload images to Pinterest is the following.
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How to upload pictures to Pinterest

1. Click on the + button on the right top corner.

2. Then click on the ‘create Pin’ option.

3. Now you will lead to the Pin page.

4. After that, upload an image from your PC.

5. Add an attractive title with using keywords.

6. Write a stunning description with proper use of Keywords.

7. Add a link in the link destination section.

8. Now select a board accordingly.

9. And, hit the publish button.

Through, this way you can create Pinterest pins easily and well optimized. Now go to your Pinterest account create your pin easily. Here you can read more about How to Post on Pinterest?

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