How to Promote Pins on Pinterest

How to Promote Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest is a rich high targeted visited platform, where businesses create their accounts to promote their business. Read more about How to use Pinterest for Business visit this link. In this article, we will read 2 different ways to promote your products. One is free to post daily 30 to 40 pins on your account and 2nd is to promote one of your rich pins through a paid campaign.

In this blog, we will discuss how to promote pins on Pinterest. Although, creating pins and moving driving traffic to your E-commerce site is a long term strategy to move organic traffic but its free. On the other hand, paid pins are paid but it creates traffic instantly.

Promote Pins on Pinterest

Promote Pins
Promote Pins

1. From the analytics of your account choose a pin that attracts a good engagement.

2. Then click on the promoted button in the pin.

3. You will lead to creating a traffic campaign page.

 4. Where add a destination link, daily budget, add keywords, and choose to run continuously or for a specific time.

5. Now click on the promoted button you will lead to a billing page.

6. In last, add all your business information and add your billing information.

7.  hit on the save button.

Following these steps, you can create a paid campaign for your business to reach more people. The paid campaigns produce greats result in limited time to move traffic to your main site.

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