How to Make Pinterest Account

How to Make Pinterest Account

How to Make Pinterest Account?

Pinterest is a social bookmarking site where you can manage your pins in boards as like pinboards.  Somewhere, you have observed that some people put their trip or other memorable images in a pinboard for good mange and good look.

The difference between a pinboard and Pinterest is that pinboard can be watched by you or a group of people in your circle or in the office while in Pinterest your pin can be seen by millions of people online and they can save it to their boards and leave comments on it. Pinterest also gives option How to Make Pinterest Account Private.

Pinterest has millions of visitors every day and a good place to make a Pinterest account for personal purpose or for business. Every business wants to have well organized and related community to market their products and do branding in front of specific visitors.

Here, Pinterest also offers you to choose and design your account on your desired topics so that you can see what you want, what people like, what going new in the world and getting different ideas. Bellow, we will explain to you how to create a Pinterest account in 7 easy steps.

Step 1.  Visit the signup page of Pinterest and enter your email and password or continue with Facebook or with Google.

Step 2. Click on the three dots on the top right corner and hit on the settings. Fill your profile, add a picture to your profile, and your location. Here read How to market on Pinterest 2019

Step 3. Claim other accounts are for the business account where you have to claim your Instagram, Etsy and YouTube account.

Step 4. Now create boards in your Pinterest account and add titles, write a stunning content in the description area.

Step 5. Then you have to Create Pins accordingly. Each pin has a proper title and well-writing description.

Step 6. After the creation of a board, you have to care of optimization, I mean use your keywords in description and #tags in the boards.

Step 7. Pin optimization is also important for reaching more people. Because you have to add a proper title filled with keywords and description with use of #tags and keywords in the description area.

Tip: Make different boards with different ideas and add different pins in the related boards so that you can see it later easily and people can follow your boards too.  Make high-resolution images for creating a pin on Pinterest. Also, read about How to Post on Pinterest if you want.

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