how to link Pinterest to Facebook

How to Link Pinterest to Facebook

How to link Pinterest to Facebook?

Pinterest is a visual search engine bookmarking site, where people share images and searching for products ideas. It is more than a visual search engine and people use it is a social media platform. Mostly, women use this platform but nowadays men are joining and increasing their numbers as well.

Mostly, business is using different platforms and for the business, they synchronize one with another. In this blog, we will tell you in detail, how to link your Pinterest to Facebook for better use. Here, you will learn to link your Facebook to Pinterest and share a post from Pinterest to Facebook.

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Link Pinterest to Facebook

1. Visit Pinterest and login to your account.

2. Click on three dots in the right top corner.

3. Then click on Setting.

4. Now on the left side click on account setting.

5. After that, tick on Facebook.

6. In last, press the done button.

So this way, you can link your Facebook to Pinterest account and shares your Pinterest pins to the Facebook account. You can also read more about How to Make Pinterest Account Private

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