how to get Pinterest button

How To Get Pinterest Button

Pinterest is all focus on visual sharing contents. The social booking marking site also allows to pins on Pinterest directly. Pinterest encourages you to save pictures in two different ways. One is upload from your computer and the 2nd is saving pins form any other site.

You will learn in this article about how to get Pinterest button. By getting the Pinterest button you will be able to save any image from any site easily. Let’s come to the point on how to add a Pinterest button to your browser.

Pinterest Button Extensions
Pinterest Button Extension

In this article you will learn about the different types of browsers, How To Get Pinterest Button for them? Pinterest encourages four different browsers to get a Pinterest button. The browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Internet Explorer. Bellow, you will learn how to get a Pinterest button in stepwise.
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Add Pinterest Button to Chrome

Chrome Pinterest Button
Chrome Pinterest Button

For your chrome browser, you can directly save your Pinterest button from the Pinterest Get our browser button. Otherwise, you visit Chrome web store and can download your Pinterest Chrome button There.

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Add Pinterest Button to Firefox

Firefox Pinterest Button

In this blog, you will learn more about How To Get Pinterest Button? For adding a Pinterest button to Firefox, you have to visit the firebox add on and install your button on the Firefox browser.

Add Pinterest Button to Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft edge Browser Button
Microsoft edge Browser Button

By adding getting Pinterest button to your Microsoft Edge browser you have to visit to Microsoft store and get the Pinterest button there. Otherwise, click on this link to go there Safari Edge Pinterest Button

How do I add a Pinterest button to Safari?

Adding a Pinterest button to Safari Browser, you have to visit the Apple extension store or click on this link Pinterest Button for Safar Brower and get your Pinterest button on your Safari browser.

How do I add Pinterest button to my browser?

Pinterest button addons are available on Pinterest official website. Where you can add different button but you can read in detail here how do I add Pinterest button to my different browsers.

How do I use the Pin It button?

Using Pin it button is easy and you can use it just by few clicks.
1) Login to your account
2) Now open the specified website from where you want to save picture.
3) After that click on the Pin it button on the top right corner of your browser in the plugins area.
4) In last bring you courser to the image and you see save image.
5) Now click on the Save it button and save it into specific board.

safari Browser Button

Add Pinterest Button to Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer

In this step by step content, you have to follow on How To Get Pinterest Button? this is Same like other browsers, click on the Pinterest browser button it will lead you to your browser button for Pinterest Button Internet Explorer.

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All these browsers have the same installation process for getting the Pinterest button. You have to click on the download or install button. The button will install itself on your browser. When you install on your browser then you have to close your browser and open it again so you will be able to see you Pinterest button in extension bar.

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